Monday, January 17, 2011

RIP Hanjaya Boentoro, a husband and a father to Debby and Epas.

my friend's husband passed away a few days ago, on an accident. it was a shocking truth about how someone' life could change in a count of seconds. and yet, for these pass few days all i've been thinking is life and death. how God could take anyone he thinks need to be saved from this world. how random death is. and how close death is. how i want to apologize to every single human soul i have ever hurt. how i want to run to the phone booth and call everyone i love and i care about just to tell them i love them. my heart is broken just to imagine. truly broken.

imagining how im going to feel if im in that position. how do i live my life after that?

this is where i learn, in someways.. there might be must be a way where we learn to love someone amorphously and unconditionally, and i learn a lot from Debby's (big) heart.

i might not know who Hanjaya is, but i surely know that they were the oh-so-cute-couple and yess, the cutest lil family (ever). God, i know that Debby is a great women (yet an amazing mother and also an magnificent artist//designer) and she deserve the best, so God if you do this to her, make sure that she'll get her happiness back, one hell of a happiness in return. amen.

Deb, without knowing it.. i learn a lot from your heart :_) be strong

//Kartika Sirman

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